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Director & LiDAR Specialist 


Iain holds a Bsc in Surveying and Mapping (Hons) from Newcastle University (UK). He began his career as a Mobile LiDAR Systems Engineer when the technology was in its infancy. His sound technical basis constantly proves to be an advantage when applying the technology to varied applications. With hundreds of projects successfully completed in the last 12 years across six continents his experience is hard to beat.

Iain prides himself on his extreme attention to detail and absolute thoroughness which he positively applies when tackling the challenges of his work.

He's motivated in driving forward the capabilities of the technology and applying it to new and challenging applications. He prides himself upon the successful outcomes he obtains. This has earned him the recognition as a leading mobile LiDAR expert in New Zealand.

When he has spare time he likes spending it with his family in the mountains, mountain biking, skiing, climbing, tramping and planting trees.

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